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I give it a year

I give it a yearThis light-hearted caper is a perfect in flight movie – enhanced by alcohol and about as inconsequential as the pilot’s welcome address.

I give it a year is Dan Mazer’s bash at branching into rom com. Laced with the acidic humour of previous works – Bruno and The Dictator but without the ‘charm’.

Nat and Josh, played by Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall, fall headlong in love and sprint to the marriage alter. They couldn’t be more unsuited with Josh fast developing into a regular irritant to Nat; he’s a regular berk, lacking the sophistication and high -flier acumen she values. Despite family and friends’ misgivings, they stay knotted to their nuptial agreement for a year but it’s a year beset with intense distractions by an ex-partner and a dashing business colleague. The stage is set to see whether they can stay wedded beyond their anniversary milestone.

As none of the characters are likeable; in fact some are downright horrible, conceited and selfish, it’s hard to feel any real concern for their fate. Their habitual sport of point-scoring and character assassinating certainly didn’t endear them to me. Thus the film loses its tension and the humour is its fallback. The comedy elements bobble along well enough, though a little predictable at times.  I particularly enjoyed Olivia Colman’s performance as the frazzled and cynical marriage counsellor and Simon Baker’s protestation of love, troubadour-style with a pair of doves and violinist. London looks slick and inviting but I’d say wait for the DVD or watch it over your peanuts and complimentary drink next time you fly anywhere.


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