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Bridesmaids is a likable rom com because it has none of the  fantasy feel-good fluff that the genre, in my view, is known for. The staple diet usually involves being fed a myopic narrative on relationships which is over-sentimental and over-simplistic followed by a slow death by saccharine with grisly cliches on a par with horror minus the gore.

Bridesmaids on the other hand is refreshingly human; you witness character’s vulnerability and indecision -the real stuff of relationships. Annie played by Kirsten Wiig, who reminded me of  Meg Ryan -both in looks and performance is insanely  jealous that her best friend has chosen another -Helen- as her maid of honor relegating her to second fiddle bridesmaid. Helen on the other hand, played by Rose Byrne, feels equally maniacally insecure over the arrangements and so the two go head to head competing for ever more attention and recognition. Some of the comedy sketches make you wince with embarrassment. Alongside all this Annie gets romantically involved with an Irish police officer, the too-cute-to-be-true Chris O’Dowd. He injects some stability into her life and helps connect her with her passion-baking.

I’d recommend the film, it was good, I enjoyed it but I wasn’t sure why the big hype on its release. Maybe it was the effect of scores of people who like me saw hope for the rom-com genre at last.



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